ERP Implementation cost details here below described.
A> ERP Installation & Setup Cost: 99 USD Only.
  1. Correct packages
  2. Other Depends packages
  3. Right database configuration
  4. Gunicorn installation
  5. Gunicorn setup for performance enhancement
  6. Workers setup with gunicorn
B> Small & MidSized Customisation Cost500 USD Only
  1. New Feature Development
  2. Enhancement in existing modules
  3. Existing flow changes
  4. For Cost of complex business flow please contact us at [email protected] or skype: live.snippetbucket
C> Deployment in existing ERP Server: 20 USD Only
  1. Point A is subscribed then no charges for deployment.
  2. On same server with separate code for production & testing we charge 20 USD.
D> Existing Report Customization Cost: 50 USD Only
E> Small fix in ERP Cost: 20 USD Only.
F> Other Integration with ERP Cost: 400 USD Only
  • For small integration charges will be deducated
  • For mid sided integration nearly 300 USD
  • For cost of custom or automation with integration please contact us at [email protected]  or skype: live.snippetbucket

Sales Term&Condition By Country.

We offers OpenERP customization and here we share our module with feature like, load default ‘term & condition’ note of sale from the company, once set term and condition note in company it automatically load from company configuration. +Support translation as per customer’s language too.


Once we set ‘term and condition’ in company, on creation on new sale order ‘term and condition’ will load automatically by customer’s language.

OpenERP 7.0 Feature

OpenERP PHP XMLRPC Integration.

We have complete solution with PHP XMLRPC integration with openerp, support all kind of PHP integration with OpenERP, Our solution ready to fit and able to test online, contact us for demo(skype: live.snippetbucket  or gmail: [email protected]), We are PHP experts, manufacturing PHP based applications and integration, PHP RPC integration with wordpress, ecommerce, cms, formum, custom web design for Open ERP by loading data from Open ERP database.