Customer relationship management, complete business integrated solution where company can manage their lead of customer or via contacts, lead can be automatically integrated by emails or web forms, lead is stage where customer can contact sales people and maintain information and basic requirement.

Once lead qualified we can manage opportunity with our ERP system, where its easy to maintain lead history and customer contact in opportunity, in Opportunity we can manage many stages with customer deal, Here we can maintain call history, meeting, calendar, can manage draft quotation with product details, and can manage discount offers and our margin with this stage, also can deal with customer view, opportunity is very important stage where can manage customer success for organization/company, our software solution where company can manage all steps very clear and easily.

Also our solution is very easy to integrate Excel/CSV or any API with CRM, also can customize any view or feature smoothly.


Sale Order

Sale Orders, Snippetbucket ERP is real beneficial document for company, where can manage customer and their products with price and tax, can manage price list and company term and conditions. Can manage payment terms too.

Can sales physical products or services based works, also can rent products. Its reay good ERP solution where notify if product is not available with right quantity, such good warehouse integrated solution where we can manage product and their details with all most all detailed information regarding products with their image/photo.

Purchase Management

Quite Simple and very easy with most powerful features are available on snippetbucket ERP solution, we can manage supplier and their payment terms, supplier all information and credit limits.

With purchase management we can track things like incoming shipments, incoming products, follow-ups, products by categories/ product rich user interface. Here also have purchase quotation and purchase order different view so its make easy to work with office people.

Our ERP solution comes with purchase requisition where its very easy to manage more than one suppliers for product deals, with this feature we can ask suppliers for products prices and their deal with different rules like supplier lead time/friendly/local/international, based on organization criteria we can select right supplier for our clients deal and organization work.

Also can send details by email to one or more suppliers. Our ERP Solution make smooth to run and easy to maintain purchase system.

Accounting System

Great and easiest way to maintain financial year and periods(automatic + custom sequence) of company. Fast and easy configuration with different chart of accounts available.

Our accounting system with all basic and advance features are existing like invoice control system where we can manage different currencies as per client, payment system where easy to lock client payment by different methods , country by chart of accounts where all kind of business need charts are ready to use and customize too.

System also maintain tax in invoice and  tax rules too. Where its easy to configure bank statements with client banks details and their bank payments, cash control system where we can easily maintain cash registers and cash of accounts.

Customer refund / supplier refund , sales/purchase receipt is possible too. Also all legal and generic reports are available.


Our ERP business solution where its easy to maintain stocks with product details, we can track a view on each product  moves from supplier to stock and stock to customer, can manage warehouse with different locations.

Here nicely feature with stock and stock rules/reordering rules, where we can manage reordering rules with different products, it automatically maintain  purchase order when stock go down of certain limits.

Its possible to maintain initial physical inventory in business too. Can track incoming shipments, deliver orders, can look on receive or deliver products details. also scraping of product is possible with warehouse.

We can maintain one or more product by allocating serial number or can split incoming moves too. Can be possible to watch procurement exceptions with detailed information.

Here we can watch each move and product details in warehouse system, Its really nice you look once live demo with

Human Resource System

Employee Management + Attendance system + Payroll + Leave Management + Recruitment System solution. Contact us for complete details live demo.

Point Of Sale

Complete Point of sale integrated solution with accounting and payment system. Yes barcode integration is possible, also virtual keyboard is there too.

We have many more features are available with business functional, like hospital management system, sale management system, school managment too.

Contact us for more detailed information, we make your business very smooth and easy with all document in right flow. with full facilities are per your needs.  Skype: live.snippetbucket or email us at [email protected]